Should You Hire An Out of State Law Firm To Help You With Georgia Foreclosure?

Every month when I am meeting with clients I will have a few who inevitably show me a flyer they received from an out of state company promising to stop the foreclosure on their home.   They want to know if it is worth a try before they look at filing for bankruptcy. Most of … Continue reading

Have you received a notice for a November 5th foreclosure?

If you live in Georgia and you are behind on your mortgage you may have already received a notice of sale from your lender.  Whatever you do please do not put off dealing with this issue because regardless of whether you have any value in your home, on November 5th, your home will be sold … Continue reading

What Do You Do When Your Rental Home is Facing Foreclosure?

Rental Homes in Georgia Facing Foreclosure Practicing bankruptcy law in Atlanta, Georgia my office gets a call on this topic at least once a week from both tenants and landlords in Georgia.  In this still chaotic housing market many renters are finding themselves living in now foreclosed homes.   What do they do?  Do they have to leave immediately or is … Continue reading

Keeping your home or should you walk away?

As a bankruptcy attorney I am constantly counseling clients on the pro and cons of retaining property.    The current state of the economy and the real estate market are not only bleak but chaotic and unpredictable as well.   The loan modification promises of the past two years have failed miserably and as a result many … Continue reading

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