Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Immigration Status?

This question often comes up in my practice from both potential clients that have not yet become US Citizens and those who are without documentation. Does Bankruptcy Prevent You From Becoming a Citizen? No.  The good news for non-citizens is that filing a bankruptcy generally will not affect immigration status or citizenship applications.   The issues … Continue reading

Beware of when you take your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling!

Before someone can file for bankruptcy protection they are required to take a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course.  This course is intended to review the client’s finances pre-filing to see if there are any other options they should consider before filing.    Once the client completes this course the certificate is good for 180 days.  This … Continue reading

Can a creditor collect against an authorized user in Georgia?

This question comes up almost daily in my office when meeting with prospective clients.  If a spouse, parent, or friend listed you as an authorized user on their credit card account and then either party files for bankruptcy who can the creditor pursue for the balance? Adding a family member or friend as an authorized … Continue reading

Life After Bankruptcy: Some Happy News!

One of the BEST parts of my job is having clients report back a few years later to let me know how they are doing.  As an attorney it is very fulfilling to see the fruits of your and your client’s hard work.  While many of us take good credit for granted there is still … Continue reading

5 Things to Look For When Selecting a Great Bankruptcy Attorney

Choosing a great bankruptcy attorney can be frustrating these days because it seems like almost every small law firm out there now advertises bankruptcy.  Like the real estate boom several years ago when every other lawyer was a real estate attorney, many novice attorneys are throwing their “lines” out there to see who they can … Continue reading

What is the 341 Hearing?

Every debtor, regardless of the chapter, must make one appearance in the case, though it is not really in “court” since the judge is not present. Bankruptcy court for the most part is quite uneventful.  The nice thing about bankruptcy court is that it runs on time and take about 10-15 minutes for most hearings. … Continue reading

Starting the New Year Free From Debt

As I sit here finalizing my plans for 2013 I realize that for many Americans part of those plans include the search to eliminate debt and to get their financial lives back.  Although our economy  is on a slow crawl back from the recession it is still a long way from good for most people. … Continue reading

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