Should You Hire An Out of State Law Firm To Help You With Georgia Foreclosure?

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Facing Foreclosure in Georgia

Every month when I am meeting with clients I will have a few who inevitably show me a flyer they received from an out of state company promising to stop the foreclosure on their home.   They want to know if it is worth a try before they look at filing for bankruptcy.

Most of the companies charge at least $2500.00 and in the end they cannot guarantee that they will stop the sale.  Especially in Georgia where the foreclosure process is a very fast one.

I recently met with a prospective client that had gotten behind on her house payments here in Atlanta a few months ago, and then when her house was posted for foreclosure, she got a letter from one of these companies.  In the end the law firm said that they needed more time and then gave her legal advice about how to file a “bare-bones” or skeleton chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, which she did.  They forgot to mention to her that once a Chapter 13 is filed it is on  your credit no matter if you go through with it.

The out of state lawyers then told her to ignore everything else she received in the mail, because they were going to handle it. They did not handle it and the bankruptcy was dismissed.  The client wrongfully assumed that she could also ignore the next foreclosure notice (since this company was supposed to be working on her file) and she lost her home to foreclosure.

Then the mortgage company (which bought the house at foreclosure), filed an eviction suit against her, and got a judgment for eviction. By the time she came in to our office it was too late. She had lost her house.

If you want to hire an attorney to help you stop your Atlanta foreclosure, make sure that they are licensed to practice law in Georgia. This is not the first time that I’ve seen this happen, in some other similar cases it was lawyers from California and Florida practicing law here, without being licensed here.

Why do people hire lawyers from faraway places, over the phone or internet, to handle a legal case pending here in Atlanta? I don’t understand it. So if you want someone to help you save your Georgia home from foreclosure, hire a Georgia attorney.

For most of our clients they can file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure with no money being paid upfront for attorney fees and usually $75.00 being paid to start the case.  A much more affordable financial option than what most of these companies offer.



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