New Book Released on Dealing with Debt

Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer

Atlanta bankruptcy attorney

Are your finances starting to mount? Struggling with debt? I have met with thousands of people facing almost every type of debt issue. Although some need to file for bankruptcy protection, many clients avoid bankruptcy and set-up a financial restructure plan. People struggling with debt have fewer options today because of the state of the economy: loan modifications are a disaster or unavailable for many and creditors are taking more aggressive action against consumers than in the past.

My new book provides an up-to-date guide that can help you assess options, find help, discover opportunities, and take action that works.  This book reveals why most “conventional wisdom” about debt and repayment of debt is just completely wrong. Whether you’ve lost a job, recently become ill, or going through a divorce, having creditor’s constant bombardment can become debilitating and wreak havoc with your ability to make good decisions. This is not a book about managing your money. There are already many great resources out there, and that’s what financial professionals are for. This book addresses what you need to do before you take any action at protecting yourself or resolving your debt with your creditors.

You’ll learn: – Questions you need to ask prior to making any major decisions and meeting with professionals – What to expect through different stages of delinquency – Things you need to know ahead of time if you decide to file bankruptcy – Current options you have regarding student loan and tax repayment – Facts and time frames you need to be aware of if you do need to file for bankruptcy protection – How making the wrong decision can snowball into a financial nightmare – How waiting too long will give you less options

Dealing with debt issues is never easy but this guide will give you the financial knowledge to make the best decision to rebuild your financial life.

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