Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Immigration Status?

This question often comes up in my practice from both potential clients that have not yet become US Citizens and those who are without documentation. Does Bankruptcy Prevent You From Becoming a Citizen? No.  The good news for non-citizens is that filing a bankruptcy generally will not affect immigration status or citizenship applications.   The issues … Continue reading

Have you received a notice for a November 5th foreclosure?

If you live in Georgia and you are behind on your mortgage you may have already received a notice of sale from your lender.  Whatever you do please do not put off dealing with this issue because regardless of whether you have any value in your home, on November 5th, your home will be sold … Continue reading

Beware of when you take your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling!

Before someone can file for bankruptcy protection they are required to take a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course.  This course is intended to review the client’s finances pre-filing to see if there are any other options they should consider before filing.    Once the client completes this course the certificate is good for 180 days.  This … Continue reading

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