Who Will Know if I Filed for Bankruptcy?

This one of the most frequently asked question by my clients.  Bankruptcy is stressful enough without adding additional fear that the entire world will know that you filed.  Here is who will know that you filed:


•  Your creditors and anyone you with whom co-signed a loan.

•  People who work in the court may find out.

•  Anyone who attends the 341 meeting the day you have your 341 meeting (i.e. other people going through bankruptcy)

•  Court records are matter of public record, so anyone could look it up, but WHY? You cannot “Google” someone’s name and their federal bankruptcy appear.  You would have do a search of the federal courts to find this information.

•  Chapter 13 Debtors are often required to make payments through wage garnishment, which means the employer will learn about the bankruptcy. In some situations this may be avoided.

•  Anyone who looks at a credit report of yours – like a prospective landlord. Many of the larger apartment complexes are owned by banks, and banks tend to grant leases according to credit bureau reports. This may affect you. Small landlords will call former landlords and may not check credit reports.

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